The International Conference on Post-Traumatic Epilepsy (IC-PTE) will unite global leading clinical and preclinical experts in traumatic brain Injury (TBI) and epilepsy to focus on PTE, promoting crosstalk with the goal of delivering an actionable plan to achieve clinical trials that are aimed at developing preventative therapies and treatments for PTE.

Conference sessions will highlight the most promising advances in PTE research, including potential biomarkers of PTE, as well as examine challenges and solutions to preclinical and clinical PTE research with the objective of understanding gaps in knowledge and opportunities for collaborative steps forward. Additional sessions will discuss the development of an infrastructure for federated data sharing and analysis, as well as hot topics in PTE. Emphasis will be placed on incorporating the experience and needs of those living with PTE as well as the perspective of industry partners.

CURE Epilepsy

CURE Epilepsy is the leading nongovernmental funder of epilepsy research in the United States. CURE Epilepsy’s mission is to find a cure for epilepsy by promoting and funding patient-focused research.

Since its inception 25 years ago, CURE Epilepsy has raised over $90 million to advance its goal of no seizures and no side effects. To date, CURE Epilepsy has funded more than 285 cutting-edge research projects in 18 countries around the world.

It also provides funding for researchers to host seminars and conferences and supports a variety of educational and outreach programming for the broader community. CURE Epilepsy is unwavering in its commitment to fund scientific study and accelerate research across a variety of priority areas to achieve our vision – a world without epilepsy. We look forward to meeting you in Milan!


The Mario Negri IRCCS Institute of Pharmacological Research, based in Milan and Bergamo, has been a private non-profit foundation since 1961. It operates in the field of biomedical research at the service of public health.

Research focuses mainly on cancer, acute brain and cardiovascular injury, neurodegenerative diseases, kidney diseases, rare diseases, organ transplantation, public health, and environmental pollution.

The institute does not patent its discoveries, remaining totally independent of the pharmaceutical industry, the state, universities, politics, finance, and religious ideologies. The institute’s research and discoveries are freely available to everyone – the scientific community, patients, and the general public.